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Substance abuse intervention is the process of confronting the person with the substance abuse problem and pointing out not only the impact it is having on his or her own life, but on the lives of those around him as well. This sort of intervention is normally done either by a member of the individual’s family or by a professional interventionist.

Substance abuse intervention can also be done by the individual’s colleagues or employers confronting him or her. They do this while pointing out clearly that the substance abuse problem is affecting his or her input and output levels at the place of work. This is done in a way that’s normal to the individual as he or she is made to realize that this problem is creating more problems.

When holding an intervention, the people around the individual with the abuse problem should seek to approach him or her and point out what the pitfalls, they have noticed because of this substance abuse. However, the recommendation is that this conformation be done, as much as possible, in a controlled environment.

Substance Abuse Intervention

When substance abuse intervention is done without proper planning, the individual being confronted may fail to respond the way the person(s) trying to intervene in his or her life had hoped. This is because he or she had not been psychologically and emotionally prepared to go through this process. Adequate preparation is mandatory.

Families are advised to always seek the input of other counselors specifically those located in abuse and addiction treatment centers. These counselors usually recommend that an individual ensures that (s)he has prepared the relative or colleague who is about to be taken through the intervention process to make sure that he or she has been made aware of what is about to be undertaken.

One of the ways recommended that those involved or to be involved in the intervention process opts for, is to inform the individual way in advance that they have started seeking a counselor’s input concerning this problem. This helps prepare the individual struggling with the addiction so that come the day of the intervention, the individual in question has been well prepared and this will not come as a surprise.

Counselors recommend and advise that the individual who is to be taken through the intervention be made aware that the purpose and end goal of the intervention is to get him or her to go into a treatment program. When the addict has been gradually informed about what has been going on concerning his or her situation, the addict is more open for the possibility of going into a treatment center and being put into a rehabilitation program.

Substance abuse intervention is conducted when the family or friends of an individual abusing a substance realize that he or she has a problem. This also happens the moment they observe that this problem has the potential to become worse than it already is. The intervention is meant to act as a deterrent to his or her efforts of continuing in this habit.

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