There are five ways in which a substance abuse intervention can help you and these ways are the ones we will look at here. It is not a secret that the level of damage caused to people who abuse or are addicted to substances is dire. Substance abuse or addiction destroys lives, people’s health, families, relationships, and careers as well as marriages while giving rise to behavior that may be considered anti-social and detrimental in more ways than one.

One of the five ways a substance abuse intervention can help you is enabling you to focus once again on that which is important to you. Loss of focus is one of the outcomes associated with being a substance abuser, as your ability to determine your priorities gets heavily compromised and numbed. As such, you are no longer able to focus on what is of priority to you or your family.

How Substance Abuse Intervention Can Help

This inability to focus may prove quite damaging where children are concerned, as they may form the opinion that you are neglecting them and, thus, start manifesting behavior that is not conducive or in agreement with that of those around him or her. Your ability to focus is of such tremendous importance and significance that without it, entire families and homes can become destroyed and totally dysfunctional.

While still on the issue of the effects of substance abuse on your family, the general assertion by scholars is that one of the contributing factors in having dysfunctional families is where one of the parents or guardians decides to get into substance abuse. Such behavior renders him ineffective in properly raising or mentoring his or her family. This lack of leadership eventually comes back to haunt your children as they will also replicate what they saw, or failed to see, while raising their own families.

There is still another way in which a substance abuse intervention can help you and this is where you had lost your social skills. Social skills are crucial in seeking to improve the standards of living for anyone, but this habit may be taken for granted by others, especially where they have abused drugs and alcohol to an extent of being unable to properly use or develop these skills further.

Intervention acts as a wake-up call and helps you re-organize your life, namely where you had lost the plot. This is all the more noticeable when one takes into account the lost time, resources and numerous other opportunities over the course of many days, months and years. These lost days and years can never be recovered, but at least through intervention, you are assured that you are not alone and that there are people willing to walk with you on this road back to normalcy.

The other way in which a substance abuse intervention helps is where the damage caused on your health is stopped immediately. This eventually leads to a reduction on the money that could have been used to seek treatment related to the substance abuse or addiction.