One of the major benefits of substance abuse intervention is the impact it has on the person who has a substance abuse problem. The major impact is that when confronted and told of the problems this condition is wreaking on him or her and on others, in choosing to start embarking on the process of stopping, his or her health also begins to show tremendous improvement.

People who constantly abuse drugs and alcohol experience worsening health situations that become worse with more usage. When these situations become worse, they also give way to other diseases, also known as opportunistic diseases. When this happens, their health may deteriorate further and even lead to death. Where intervention is offered promptly and caringly, the possibility of diseases or deaths resulting from this habit are greatly reduced.

Benefits of a Substance Abuse Intervention

Other benefits of a substance abuse intervention involve the fact that individuals usually spend a fortune to satisfy their urge and craving for drugs or alcohol. These huge bills and expenses they incur when out gratifying these needs, means that they are not able to fend either for themselves or for their loved ones properly. Consequently, intervention opens their eyes to see the folly of their ways and seek to end this.

Most people who indulge in substance abuse develop complete disregard for their appearance as well as hygiene. This is because every single coin earned is quickly used to acquire the drug or drink of choice rather than being used on grooming themselves and ensuring that they are presentable. For this reason, it’s of extreme benefit to make sure that people struggling with substance abuse and addiction receive timely intervention to help them improve how they look.

It’s worth pointing out that when relationships experience healing and people are reconciled with each other, this is equally an important benefit of a substance abuse intervention. Substance abuse and addiction has the tendency to wreak havoc on relationships, and in some cases has been known to lead to the breakup of families. Intervention, therefore, sets out to mend these relationships, and seek reconciliation and forgiveness as much as possible.

People engaging in substance abuse usually blunder their careers. When this happens, they either kill, destroy or interfere with their careers to the extent that they end up being dismissed from gainful employment and in some cases, destroy their businesses. Beautiful careers and businesses have been known to suffer the most where the key people are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Thus, intervention helps protect such jobs and careers.

The benefits of a substance abuse intervention are wide ranging and far reaching. They range from emotional benefits to financial and psychological gains. These benefits move further to touch on the social aspects as well as affecting the economic empowerment of those affected coupled with that of the people in close proximity to them. These benefits mean that intervention is crucial and should be sought after aggressively, passionately, patiently as well as with genuine love.