There are several signs that a substance abuse intervention is needed. Such signs can be clearly seen by anyone who pays clear attention. Individuals who are observant and can easily notice any changes in the people around them can be of immense value and help in recommending that an individual is confronted and an intervention done to rescue him or her from the jaws of destruction.

Individuals struggling with drug and substance addiction and abuse spend most of their time in idleness, on less productive activities. However, such individuals who think of seeking to be productive tend to end up getting manual labor or rather some short term employment opportunities. They do this with the purpose of being able to earn some quick money in order to purchase the drug or alcohol they feel they desperately need.

Signs A Substance Abuse Intervention Is Needed

There are times when individuals who cannot find gainful employment or work and want to be paid end up opting for other less attractive avenues of earning income to purchase their drug of choice. These avenues include drug peddling, prostitution and crime, which may make them develop violent behaviors and characteristics that they previously never had. Such avenues cause even further harm and therefore are quickly noticed; in these cases, it would be best for the individual’s family to seek intervention immediately.

Other signs that a substance abuse intervention is needed include the cases where an individual’s rate of spending money seems to have gone higher very rapidly compared to the previous days. Such a behavior usually indicates that something strange is going on that needs to be closely examined. On its own, it’s not evidence of a drug or alcohol abuse problem, but taken into context with other unbecoming behavior and the pattern can be noted, with action clearly taken to stop the behavior.

Individuals who are in need of substance abuse intervention usually display a lifestyle of increased appetites and other symptoms associated with substance abuse or addiction. The relatives of people who suddenly develop such tendencies are advised to be on the lookout and are asked to respond quickly to avoid further handicaps that may result. These may be increased appetites in some people, while in others it may present itself as a reduced appetite.

The need to be constantly on the lookout could not be overemphasized because the key to intervention lies in the hands of families and close friends of individuals showing or manifesting such signs. These people, who probably interact with the substance abuser on a more frequent basis, are the ones who may lead to this individual receiving prompt help or not. Where they fail to notice these signs and take the next course of action quickly, i.e. recommending intervention, a great deal of damage may have already taken place by the time others attempt to make up for their mistake, if it isn’t already too late.

Families and friends of people who have a history of struggling with substance abuse or addiction are advised not to put their guard down, but rather to be constantly on the lookout.