A simple answer to this question is that it’s the entire process involved in seeking to confront and sensitize an addict of the error of his or her ways. This is done while still explaining to this individual the impact of this habit on other people closely associated or related to said individual. The reason for doing this is to help this individual overcome his or her negative habit and take up helpful habits that set him up for healing.

The answer to the question, “What is a substance abuse intervention?” takes into account that this is a common process when remembering that cases of substance abuse and addiction have been reported to be on the rise. This means that ways have to be constantly sought and found to help people who have this problem. Their choices and habits are put under the microscope, evaluated and where need be, intervention is pursued.

What Is A Substance Abuse Intervention?

Substance abuse intervention involves sitting down with the individual suffering from the substance abuse problem, then talking with the individual about his or her problem. The process of sitting and talking about this starts the intervention because it enables the person talking to the substance abuser to point out the negative impact this abuse problem has had on him or her. While talking together, other negative effects from this problem on other people will be examined.

While the jury is still out on the place of the family in the course of intervention, the individual needs to have their support. This is because the counselor is seeking to take the individual on a route that he or she may no longer be familiar with, unlike in the past before his substance abuse problem began. While some counselors recommend that a family member be present, others are of the opinion that the close attachment to the subject may work against him because the family may inadvertently pile more pressure on him.

When an individual asks the question, “What is a substance abuse intervention?” the answer one is looking for is whether or not there is a chance that freedom, recovery, healing and rehabilitation are all possible. The statistics indicate that when the preparation done prior to starting the process has been well undertaken, it is then possible for the substance abusers to find the healing they were looking for.

A substance abuse intervention helps individuals struggling with substance abuse set themselves on a new journey. Though they are bound to find it quite difficult to abandon the substance they have been abusing all for the sake of staying clean and sober, patience is required from the individual, the counselor and other people closely related or associated with said person. Habits are difficult to break and this is made all the more difficult when the habit to be broken seems even more appealing to an individual. The level of determination and focus required to overcome this and stay clean is quite immense.